Business Administration

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Introduction to Business Administration: Understand what Business Administration is and why it’s vital for organizations to manage effectively for success.

Key Business Administration Disciplines: Discover different parts of Business Administration, like finance, marketing, operations, and human resources. Learn how these areas contribute to overall business functions.

Business Administration Theories and Models: Learn about important ideas and frameworks in Business Administration. See how these help make decisions and develop strategies.

Strategic Management: Explore why strategic management is important in Business Administration. Look into processes like planning, implementation, and evaluation.

Financial Management: Cover financial basics in business, including budgeting, financial analysis, and making investment decisions.

Marketing Management: Explore marketing strategies and principles, like analyzing markets, developing products, and promoting them.

Operations Management:Learn how operations management ensures efficiency and productivity. Topics include supply chain management and quality control.

Human Resource Management: Understand the critical role of human resources in business. Topics include recruitment, training, performance management, and employee relations.

Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility: See why ethical business practices are important. Discuss the role of businesses in addressing social and environmental concerns.

Business Administration in a Global Context: Explore challenges and opportunities in managing global businesses. Discuss international business strategies and cultural considerations.

Case Studies and Practical Applications: See real-world examples relevant to Business Administration. Analyse how business management theories apply in different situations.

Emerging Trends in Business Administration: Discuss current trends in Business Administration, like digital transformation, sustainability, and innovation.

Conclusion: Sum up key ideas from the assignment. Emphasize that Business Administration is always changing and evolving.

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