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“Step into Education Artists, where Dreams Transform into Careers: Unlock Expert Assignment Services and Explore Premier Job Opportunities Awaiting Your Success.”

Who are We Looking for?

As our organization undergoes a significant growth phase, with aspirations for a global footprint, we are actively seeking individuals who share our enthusiasm and possess exceptional caliber. Whether you are a novice eager to learn or a seasoned professional, there is a place for you in the various roles we offer. We value quick learners who can adapt to our dynamic work environment, grasp the traits demanded by our industry, and communicate effectively.

In this environment of growth, opportunities are boundless for those who perform and contribute. If you consider yourself a problem solver with an empathetic approach, you are the perfect fit for our team. Share your story with us, and if there’s a role uniquely suited for you, we’ll reach out. Join us at Education Artists, where every success story is a result of collaborative efforts, where individuals come together to uplift one another, and where your journey is not just valued but celebrated.

Benefits of Working with Us

Employee Recognition

Your achievements don’t go unnoticed. Our employee recognition programs ensure that your efforts are acknowledged and appreciated.

Annual Sports Meets

Stay active and reduce stress by participating in our organized sports meets, promoting team spirit and well-being.

Competitive Compensation

Your skills and experience are duly recognized with a competitive salary, reflecting the value of your hard work. Join us at Education Artists, where your well-being and professional journey are celebrated.

Employee Wellness Programs

We care about your physical, mental, and emotional health. Various activities are organized to support your overall well-being.

Professional Development

Invest in your growth with training, workshops, and career advancement programs, ensuring continuous learning and development.

Festival Celebrations

Join in the festivities at work, fostering camaraderie, boosting morale, and creating a sense of belonging among our team.

What Our Team Feels

Working at Education Artists is a truly fulfilling experience marked by a positive work environment, a supportive team, and abundant opportunities for professional growth. It stands out as an excellent place to contribute and thrive, where the company's values shine through its commitment to employees.


The culture fostered here is one of collaboration and innovation, making it a dynamic and forward-thinking organization. Gratitude resonates among team members who appreciate the positive atmosphere and the chance to be part of a company that encourages both personal and professional development. Overall, being associated with Education Artists is a source of pride, thanks to its dynamic and forward-thinking ethos.


Job Openings

Sales & Marketing

In this role, you’ll be immersed in the dynamic world of sales and marketing, driving growth and visibility for our organization. Your responsibilities will involve crafting innovative strategies to attract and retain customers, leveraging your keen understanding of market trends and consumer behaviour. Working closely with diverse teams, you’ll implement targeted campaigns, refine product placement, and seize emerging opportunities to boost revenue.


In the role of a telemarketer, individuals engage in outbound calls to potential customers with the aim of promoting products or services, generating leads, or conducting market research. Their responsibilities include identifying sales opportunities, handling objections, and accurately recording customer information. A successful telemarketer is proactive, resilient, and able to adapt to different customer personalities and situations.